Mendelssohn, Moses

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Name in Hebrew מנדלסון, משה
Name in German Mendelssohn, Moses
Pseudonyms or other names
Titles (e.g., Rabbi, Dr.)
Gender Male
Date of birth September 6, 1729
Place of birth Dessau
Region/country to which place of birth belonged
Date of death January 4, 1786
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Place of death Berlin
Other places visited or lived
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Religion at birth
Conversion to other religion
Year of conversion
Roles in community
University attended
Occupation(s) Author, Commentator, Translator
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Family status
Year married
Age at marriage
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Number of children

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Books published before 1755:

Books published after 1812:

Books published between 1755 and 1812:

  • באור מלות ההגיון, 1762,
  • ספר נתיבות השלום א', 1780, Berlin

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